PE Braided Line – Is made from the latest generation of PE fibre for maximum sensitivity and toughness and virtually zero stretch. Its smoothness and soft finish make it ideal for long, precisely calibrated casts.
Colour: White – Dia.: 0,02 – 0,04 – 0,06 mm
100% Fluorocarbon – Its clear colour and very small diameter make it both completely invisible and at the same time very strong and smooth, enabling perfect, high precision casts.
Colour: Clear – Dia.: 0,115 – 0,132 – 0,152 mm
Copolymer – Pure nylon, in addition to its exceptional soft finish, it has high breaking strength and maximum knot strength. Its extremely smooth finish makes it unique for long, precise casts.
Colour: Crystal clear – Dia.: 0,113 – 0,127 – 0,142 – 0,165 mm

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