The 2018 Beckman catalogue is available … Durable construction and functional design are built into every Beckman net. Produced for the discriminating fisherman, we use only the best materials including drawn aluminum handles super-strong reliable hoops, and the finest high tech net materials. You can request your free copy:


Lago di Gioviano, Borgo a Mozzano, Domenica 15 Aprile 2018. L’incasso della gara e dei biglietti pomeridiani saranno interamente devoluti in beneficenza all’associazione O.N.L.U.S. AMATAFRICA ( Il lago sarà ripopolato la sera prima con 350 kg di trote donate da ASSOLAGHI, a metà gara ne saranno immesse altri 50 kg. Ad ogni partecipante sarà donato un…

New PE Super Light for Shore Angling

P-Line SUPER LIGHT PE Braided Line for Shore Angling (Surf Casting) it’s white, clear in water and easy to mark.  Is made from the latest generation of PE fibre for maximum sensitivity and toughness and virtually zero stretch. Its smoothness and soft finish make it ideal for long, precisely calibrated casts. For more information:

New P-Line “Tubular Headwear”

No matter what the sport, this seamless, multifunctional headwear protects your head in all weather conditions, including sun, wind and snow. The  material is exstremely comfortable to wear, easy to care for and dries quickly. Made in Italy Dry-keeper material Feel the difference of Sanitized® treated odor-resistant articles Contact us to buy the P-Line Tubular…