FLOROCLEAR becomes virtually invisible on entry into water, owing to its extraordinary clearness and fluorocarbon coated surface, almost like a pure fluorocarbon, thus ensuring a greater number of bites. Moreover, the special silicone treatment, which impregnates its surface, enables it to leave the reel in a very smooth and orderly way. P-Line’s new extrusion technology makes for a very homogenous Floroclear surface which, as well as increasing strength and reliability, enables 10/20% longer casts. Not forgetting its extraordinary softness (silk effect), excellent knot and linear strength, abrasion resistance, controlled elasticity and almost complete absence of mechanical memory. The new Mist Green colour is exceptional for Carp Fishing, ensuring complete camouflage in traditional lakes or where there is vegetation on the bottom, in reed beds and where the bank is shaded by trees.

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